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Welcome To Guyana Private Investigators - Georgetown, Guyana.

Please note: we no longer do spousal Surveillance. It has proven to be too expensive in Guyana and the expectations of our Clients involved are not worth the hassle.


We are the only Private Detective Agency and Private Investigators that has a presence in Guyana . Our Menu above will Guide you through our Services and Fees.

As the Only Private Detective Agency in Guyana, GPI has been able to maintain the highest standards in the field of Private Investigations. Before coming to Guyana Our Private Investigators were Licensed and Trained in the United States, in all areas of Private Investigations. Our Private Detectives are skilled in all areas of investigations, including Undercover Store Detectives, Corporate Penetration, and Stake Outs. We can undercover Corporate Fraud. If you suspect anyone in your Corporation of Embezzlement, contact us, we will take your case and get the culprit before he/she steals you blind!

If you have a Due Diligence case to be done in Guyana, you may contact our Sister Company at Just click on the link, we operate that company as well.

As a former Director Of Narcotics Intelligence, Our CEO has a unique background in Stake-Outs, Surveillance and Skip Tracing to Locate Missing Persons, This is a Plus for finding Missing Persons, or debtors that are just hiding from you.

Our team of investigators are prepared to do any assignment big or small.


All operations carry our "plus expenses". These will normally be limited to the following.

  • Public and private transport
  • Undercover expenses (during undercover work)
  • Any entry fees to public or private functions necessary (during surveillance)