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Welcome To Guyana Private Investigators - Georgetown, Guyana.

We are the only Private Detective Agency in Guyana .

Private Investigators are not cheap, If you cannot afford at least to pay us our retainer which is the standard all over the world of $500.00 U.S.D . Please do not continue. We do not cater to the 3rd world exchange rate.  We charge for our services in Guyana no differently than we would if we were in the USA or any other part of the world. Our services are not dictated by our location, the work is the same and your expectations are the same. I am not being rude, but honest.

Our fee structure is on the menu above, please read it.

As the Only Detective Agency in Guyana, GPI has been able to maintain the highest standards in the field of Private Investigations. Before coming to Guyana Our Private Investigators were Licensed and Trained in the United States, in all areas of Private Investigations. Our Private Detectives are skilled in all areas of investigations, including Undercover Store Detectives, Corporate Penetration, and Stake Outs. We can undercover Corporate Fraud. If you suspect anyone in your Corporation of Embezzlement, contact us, we will take your case and get the culprit before he/she steals you blind!

Please Note: Before you email us or call us, we have on our Main Menu an option that say's Fee Structure. Please Read It, We get a lot of Inquires requesting our fees, it is on our site so you can save yourself time if you review it before contacting us and asking us our fees. Before you decide that we are too expensive, Please do a web search and check the going rates, you will see we are the lowest priced Investigators in the World! Please be aware that you are the one that needs to decide if it is worth paying a P.I. for peace of mind

Below are a few links to Private Investigators around the world and their fees, We are lower priced than any you will find on the internet, But just as skilled as any investigators you will find anywhere else.

 As a former Director Of Narcotics Intelligence, Our CEO has a unique background in Stake-Outs, Surveillance and Skip Tracing to Locate Missing Persons, This is a Plus for finding Missing Persons, or debtors that are just hiding from you. We also offer Private Investigations for Suspicious Spouses or those needing Evidence of Cheating to complete their Divorce Cases.

Our team of investigators are prepared to do any assignment big or small.


List of Services

We Specialize in Investigations for Overseas Companies and Individuals

  • Cheating or Suspicion of Cheating Spouse
  • Asset Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Missing Persons
  • Legal Document Process Service
  • Surveillance
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Store Detectives
  • Corporation Information Checks
  • Due Diligence
  • Infidelity Surveillance on Spouses and Others