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Welcome To Guyana Private Investigators - Georgetown, Guyana.


Our Fees Are As Follows:


List of Services

  • Legal Document Process Service : $250.00 USD Plus expenses in Georgetown Area, Out of Georgetown, $350.00 USD plus expenses, which would be Hotel, Food and Fuel Charges. See below.


  •  The Notarized Affidavit of Service from the US Embassy is $50.00, this is not included in the price of service, thus total costs would including Affidavit of Service would be $300.00 USD. For Georgetown.
  •  Out of Georgetown including Affidavit of Service is $400.00 USD Plus Expenses Depending on distance from Georgetown and if we have to overnight to catch the person that we have to serve.
  • If you wish your Affidavit of Proof of Service in a timely manner you will need to pay an additional 50.00 USD for Courier Service to send it back to you safely.


  •  And additional $100.00 USD will be required for each additional day we remain out of Georgetown.

Investigation Fees


  •  If more than 20 miles from Georgetown, Hotel, Driving Time and Fuel expenses will be deducted from retainer which is 75% of the total cost of the investigation.

  •  Minimum of 2 days Required for any investigation

  • Our time starts from the time we leave and return to the office.

  • Due Diligence : Negotiable depending on how much information is requested.


We require a Retainer fee of  A minimum 75% paid in advance on any Investigation case quoted over $800.00, unless we deem the costs would require a higher retainer, and results of our investigation including  Photos and Reports will be released upon final payment due.

All fees due will be deducted from the retainer until it is exhausted, You will be notified when the Retainer is exhausted and if you wish to continue, the balance due plus another retainer will be required.

We will negotiate a flat rate if it is feasible to do so. Our fees are $400.00 U.S.D. per day. Minimum 2 days. If we quote you a flat rate of any amount for the Complete Investigation, we require a 75% Retainer of the Total Flat Rate Quoted to you. The balance will be due upon completion of the case before we send the final results of the Investigation.

Payment Methods:

For Immediate Service, Payment of Retainer has to be made by Western Union.

If by Bank to Bank wire transfer add an additional $30.00 U.S.D. or equivalent in other currencies for the retainer and final payment, as we are charged Conversion Fees for all Transfers to convert foreign funds to Guyana Dollars, Also allow 3 days for fees to be received by our bank Before we can start your case.

If by Western Union, we can start the case as soon as the fees are available to pickup which is normally 15 minutes.

All transfer fees are to be absorbed by the Client.


Please read our terms of service here

All operations carry our "plus expenses". These will normally be limited to the following.

  • Public and private transport
  • Undercover expenses (during undercover work)
  • Any entry fees to public or private functions necessary (during surveillance) we do not do spousal surveillence.



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