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 Guyana Process Servers Dept.

We will Serve your Court Documents for you!

Why would anyone use Processnet1. com or Serve-now. com ? these companies have no presence in Guyana and charge over 1300.00 for serving papers in Guyana, that is total nonsense!

Check our fees page and see that we charge 1/4 of what they charge as we are located in Guyana.

Do not let these companies fool you and exploit you. We do not double our rates for expedited service, we serve all documents within 3 days for the same fees.

We Specialize in Guyana Process Service for Overseas Companies and Individuals. If you need your Court Documents served to someone in Guyana, Just email us and we can send you the Fee structure for the type of Process Servicing you need. Or you may click on the link in our menu for "Fee Structure"

Our Guyana Process Servers know how to get the papers you need served!

You provide the information we need and we do the rest.

We will also send you a Notarized Proof Of Service from the U.S. Embassy so that your local court will accept that your subject has been properly served.

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